New Stash!

Isn't shefabulous? :) Found her in a clearance pile in one of the stores I was at and just HAD to have her. Looking at this pic I now realize why shops are so eager to tape my canvases for me, notice the well placed advertising they've managed for themselves in this pic.

Another of Patricks Woods designs. Not sure why I am constantly compelled to buy these as I HATE assembling but they are just so cool :) Besides this one has minimal stitching and some decorative beading, that's all.

Yep, more of the same idea here too. This one is considerably more likely to get done as the finishing isn't quite so involved. Oh who am I kidding... I still haven't "finished" the punch needle ornaments I finished months ago :) Oh well... I'm having fun stitching them and that's what's important right?

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