Home again

I'm back after a nice long week off . Now before you go looking for all these fabulous pictures of things I managed to finish while I was away let me just say... well I haven't got anything to say on that. 

Sitting still long enough to get any stitching done proved to be more challenging than when I'm at home, ACK! I did manage to get Earthdancer "done" I do still have some beads to attach, then she's getting a nice bath before I put on the suede fringe and bravo for the dream catcher as neither of those threads are very water friendly.

Pig here was the only other piece that saw the light of day while I was away. Being smaller and having minimal colors he was easier to work on in the car. I also got the last few colors I kept forgetting to pick up so the purple border is almost done. I'd say I should have him done this week, (which I really *could*) but then I've said that before and that seems to ensure I WON'T finish it. I did get a couple of new projects as well. I'll try to get them posted tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday


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