A new poncho for the pup

I knew it was inevitable when I found the pattern. The current plan is to get Missie's hair cut so she will have less to keep her warm against the snow we have around here so mom picked this yarn up while we were out shopping last week so I could knit her a poncho. Wait a second here, why am I again knitting the dog a poncho? She's certainly not my pup and mom can knit but alas I am given the task of the poncho.

This should be incredibly entertaining once I start it as its got a cable design in it and I've never done a cable before. Guess practicing on a poncho for the dog is a good start, she won't care if I make a mistake, however if it was for me it would wind up in the trash if I could find the mistake on it.

No green or pink here though, after looking at the yarn that was called for we decided we liked this darker, flecked chenille better. The yarn called for had a bit of sparkle to it which was cool but in the end we figured the dog just wouldn't care if she was sparkly so we went with something we liked instead

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