Punchneedle Snowman

This one has 4 small ornament projects about 4x4 square when finished, maybe a bit less. These are also done with Pearl Cotton size 5 instead of floss as most of them are which gives it a more chunky look that I like for this particular piece.  Honestly, a  mix might be the most ideal as it could really add some nice texture. Ooh the possibilities!

For all of you who haven't tried this because it looks time consuming or complicated... this is what I did in the 1 1/2 hours I was at Peacock Alley stitching this evening.

This is so incredibly simple I love it. I just have a bit to go on the hat and then to add in his eyes, nose and buttons and he's done! I did change the colors called for a bit here if you do pick up this patten. They called for the snowman to be done in ECRU! I do not want an ecru snowman so I got DMC B5200 so he was as white as he could be. Also the instructions failed to tell you what color the hat was supposed to be so I picked a random brown off the wall, I believe this one is 838.


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