Punch Needles...

I purchased a set of punch needles many years ago at a craft expo and never did anything much with them. The idea looked fun but at the time there was little in the way of designs for them.  Now I see fun new projects in most any needlework store I go into so I had to pick up a couple patterns and try it out. I started my first of them today, not bad once I got the hang of how much space to leave between thread. I think I'm filling in a bit thicker than was intended but I guess I'd rather have a bit too much than have it thin and have the fabric show through.

Started with Noel, the snowman is a bit weird for me so I'm not sure that I will actually make that one. This was one evening of work so it shouldn't take very long to complete if I actually work on it instead of just thinking about working on it.


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