And Another :)

Haven't I just been the productive one this evening. I just finished this one up. Its the pincushion that goes with the Strawberry Accessories. I'd continue on and work on the other pieces but its late and I don't want it to look like the dog was doing the stitching come tomorrow morning. :) This is part of the Sewing Basket from Hillside Samplings.

It was time to get this assembled, as you can see by the date stitched on here I've been ignoring this one for quite some time. All my stitching things follow a theme, strawberries and fairies. They are the charms on most of my things, I have numerous strawberry emerys and pincushions "just because" Its rather like the pigs that I collect that are all over the house but I guess fortunately this one is limited to my needlework.


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