Well done, please...

Doesn't Missie look just splendid here. We went to Lake Michigan Saturday since the weather was so nice. And of course I never got my sunscreen on quite fast enough or well enough after swimming and I am all crispy now, nice. My back, my shoulders, all a lovely shade of pink. And you think I'd have learned over the years and many, many sunburns but I never do. So what do I do Sunday but decide to go back. Well it *was* supposed to be crummy in town and the lake forecast was beautiful. Then there was Missie, she got left home all alone Saturday and we knew she liked the water even if she is just a little thing. So we brought her along as well. Tooo funny, while she'd been in water she'd never been in a lake with waves. She didn't know quite what to do with them. We carried her out just a bit and she did go in a swim to cool off and the above mess, I mean photo is the result. Amazingly she wasn't a complete mess but she's going to the groomers' today and that's why we pay them I guess. Now I'm off to go put more aloe on...


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