What a great feeling that is. I sat there this morning madly sewing the band to the basket so I could post it before I left for work. No such luck, I got it done but not in enough time to put it here, I barely had time to make sure I wouldn't scare people who came into the office. I still need to decide what I want to put in it. For now, it can sit empty, it looks cute just like that.

Just a note for anyone who stitches this or ANY Lorri Birmingham design, check it and double check it. This pattern calls for 28ct linen and that is *NOT* what came in this kit - it was 22, which as you can guess made this band bigger than it should have been. I found this out when talking to some other stitchers who were having issues. One was doing a project and purchased the linen she listed only to realize the size shown was only 1 inch larger than the design. 


  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    It looks gorgeous - congratulations!

    Karen V

  2. wow, this is gorgeous.


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