2 Down!

Yes, that's right 2! I managed to finish the last bit of the Tea Towel and Rose and Lace today.  I had best get my tail in gear finishing then I think. The Tea Towel just needs to be washed but I'm going to have to block Rose and Lace and there is a spot on it I need to get out. For the record, I had JUST enough dark blue to finish the Tea Towel. It used Anchor stranded floss and I had one single strand about 6 inches long left *whew* I was not looking forward to going to buy more for one small bit.


  1. Your work is beautiful!. It's nice to see things that are completed. I've done a lot of cross-st. over the years, but have several projects unfinished. Right now I am trying to get the 'hang' of split rings in tatting. I can tat, but have forgotten how to split-ring. Nice to visit your blog :-)

  2. lkirk1@hotmail.com11:07 AM

    Very nice. I found your blog by accident. Thought it was prophetic that your blog is my daughters name. Very nice work. by blog is lynnenite.blogspot.com


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