About Me

I'm a 40 something redhead from Michigan enjoying life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I  love needle crafts, photography, my dogs, and I seem to excel at killing plants and burning dinner. Fortunately for me I married a man who can cook so I don't have to live on mac and cheese and ramen noodles.

Mom and My Aunt

I grew up learning to stitch with my mother and my aunt, cross stitch, some basic needlepoint, and I recall many hooked rugs made by my aunt. This kept us going until we found the EGA where we started trying anything we found that was done with needle and thread and opportunities to learn even more. I went to my first seminar in 2000 at Disney which was amazing, after that classes and road trips to find new stores became the thing to do when we all got together.  I lost my mom in 2009 and my aunt in 2014 leaving me with all their stash and the last in the family with a love of needlecrafts.

My husband and I at the coast enjoying a cool autumn day on the coast. Not sure what makes me cringe more, the really bad hat, the corduroy pants or the sexy shoes I paired with it all.  At least my hair wasn't awful for maybe the 3rd time in my life.