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Friday, April 07, 2006

The end is near...

Only one letter "P" to go and this ornament is finished. After that happens I may have a nice celebration with a big bottle of wine as I was sorry I wanted to stitch this piece not long after I started it. Its all done over one which gives it a great look but not a lot of fun to stitch in my opinion. I started this in 2004 right after I got the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue it was in and it looked so cool, oh did I forget how little progress shows on 1 over 1

At sit and stitch last night they were having a sale so I went hunting for fabric for a few things. I found this piece that I think will work for Strawberrie So Faire. It actually calls for Summer Khaki, no I will not be stitching on black again any time soon  but I wasn't real excited about the color. This piece is Bayleaf. I pulled a few of the threads called for and they looked good with the fabric so this is the winner.

And now what kind of compulsive buyer would I be if I didn't have the companion for my knitting book "Book 2 The Purl Stitch" I had a gift certificate for so I decided to get "Book 1 The Knit Stitch as well. These are both great books, some great directions for different cast on techniques as well as clear directions for the patterns themselves.

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  1. YOur choice of bayleaf looks pretty good in the picture.

    I purchased the black linen -- I know it will be trouble from the get start : ) Still ... thought the pattern lookes marvelous.


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