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Friday, April 06, 2007

The weekend is here

Well this has been an incredibly dull week here on my blog. I'm happy to report that the gifty I am working on should be done so I can get back to my regular stitching and picture posting. The project I'm working on is free hand embroidery, first there was finding a photo to work from since I couldn't find a design I liked, then I had to find a fill stitch I like the look of because the long and short stitch I usually do to fill wasn't working for a larger design like this one. I don't have anything planned for Saturday and nothing will be open after I leave mom's on Sunday so I should be able to finish this and get it in the mail, I hope. :) Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Over on the side bar you'll see a new thing, a nice purple button. The link takes you to a site that helps provide food for shelter animals. All you have to do is follow the link and click and it provides approximately .6 of a bowl of food per click funded by the advertisers. Not a clue how it works but it doesn't cost me anything to click it. If you like pet things you're sure to find a whole mess of advertisers selling some nice accessories for you and your pet, if anyone wants to get me a present there's a handbag that is calling my name LOL! Just kidding, like I need yet another purse *grin*

To make up for my lack of pics this week allow me to present the wonder twins ;)


  1. Awww, cute pictures!

  2. Very cute doggies, they look very comfortable.

  3. They are so cute!


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