Northwest Red Head: Summer At Last

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer At Last

Summer is here and the garden is growing much better than I expected.  I started some of everything to see what would grow and how well it would do and despite my best attempts to kill everything and things are doing better than expected.

I'm can't be sure but the marigolds might be on something.  I grew up with my mom planting marigolds around the garden and I've done it out of habit but I've never seen them grow like this, I actually had to clip them back today because they're growing over my carrots and interfering with the sprinkler that keeps everything watered.  At least the bees are happy.

Cucumbers are right on schedule, sadly I mixed up some of my starts so I have no clue if this is a slicing or pickling cucumber.  This first one will be the sacrificial lamb, leaving it on the vine until I can be sure, or until it turns yellow and earns a one way ticket into the compost pile.

This is the plant I'm most looking forward to ripen, watermelon.  I have 2 plants that are supposed to grow smaller fruit and this little start is supposed to be a 10-12lb watermelon. The vine had 10 started and rather than let it take over the garden which is really too small for this plant, I've trimmed off all but a few so the plant can put its energy into ripening a few.  I had to trim some of the vines to keep it from killing my carrots and so better there is less fruit since I'm taking away some of the vine.  Only time will tell so now I wait and try to not let everything dry out.

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