Northwest Red Head: What is it with tomatoes?

Friday, August 08, 2014

What is it with tomatoes?

Last year was the first year I put any real effort into planting in the yard and this year I added 2 more beds.  The strawberries, beans and lettuce weren't that amazing due to a poor choice on my part of variety for the beans and lettuce.  The strawberries suffered me being out of town when they were in their prime so the critters ate most of them.  Guess who is going to be out of town around the same time next year...

The tomatoes are a bit mangy looking, they were due to have suckers pruned around the same time I was out of town.  By the time we came home and I went out to assess the garden, may of what appeared to be suckers already had flowers so I left them to grow to see how well they would do without the plucking - never remember mom plucking the tomato plants as a child. The worst I can say is the tomato cages didn't hold, every one of them toppled under the weight of the ripening tomatoes which is a good problem to have I suppose.  I may need to stake them and cage them to keep them upright or I might need to get some nice reinforced steel fencing, ha!

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