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Monday, March 02, 2015

I think I need a bigger yard

It started pinterest, that never ends well for me.  I wanted a way to cover one or more of the beds to keep the heat in and help get the plants started growing.  Not wanting to spend a lot of money on this idea I went to pinterest for some ideas that I could make work.  I decided on some type of hoop house cover so we headed to the hardware type store and a nursery in search of pieces and parts to make something that work work, instead I came home with this.

While trolling around the nursery for any type of kit or basic supplies my husband spotted this next to the mark down table, seems it was left out in the elements and the box was trash so it was screaming to come home with me. Not quiet enough room for a hammock and a margarita inside but its big enough for 2 trays on the shelves with pots and supplies. Score one for my husband and his remarkably good luck finding a deal on the perfect something for what I need. Lately it was a few cast iron skillets I wanted, now its this.

Ahh, the first signs of spring.  This is not the case in most of the country this week but I think we would be fine with more rainfall and snow in the mountains, snowfall was low this year as was the rain here in  the valley.

On the needlework front, I'm listing more of the stash in my Etsy shop. Between my stash and the gained stash from my mom and aunt its crazy, and I will never in my life finish all these projects.  Better that some of it move on to a new home where someone else can enjoy.  Through St Patricks Day I've decided to run a special to make re-homing my stash a bit easier, code MAR20 will get you 20% off on any orders $25 or more.  As I go through doing some spring cleaning in the house its possible I will find more to list but for now there is a good collection of everything from Cross stitch, to needlepoint with a side of Embroidery.  If you have questions on anything in the shop please message me through the Etsy shop
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