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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spring in the Northwest

Spring comes much earlier here in the Northwest, something I may never quite get used to. I checked info online to confirm planting dates for the year and if you read between the lines it said "why isn't your garden ready?" so I guess its time to get that done.   I really dislike my back yard, no really.  Its clay, everywhere, and pretty ugly.


See? Ugly.  No matter what I do the grass doesn't like to survive the winter on this side, it's better than last year but when we bought the house this are was covered in ivy so I'm hopeful that it will continue to improve.  I need to get rid of the cherry tree that now looks sick, it casts too much shade on this side of the yard and does nothing but make a mess.

 Looking west from the patio, I have one bed along the house and 2 smaller beds on the far fence.  Time to fix that as I cannot grow enough food in this amount of space and we're trying to grow what we need to put up for the year. As I dug, I really had to wonder about the person who lived here before as if I didn't already have opinions of her.  I was cleaning the kitchen and happened to touch the bottom of a cabinet door only to realize it was covered in something, I removed the door to find it was caked in dripped food, ketchup, bbq sauce, I have no idea and I didn't want to know.  Now I'm quite sure a hoarder lived here, either that or its the crime scene for several Barbie dolls.  I found a broken press on nail, a dozen nails were pounded into the earth, a rotten piece of hose, a plastic stake and several clumps of doll hair.

Aren't the cinder blocks classy? I thought so ha! They're not the best but they work and they don't rot like the wood.  The wooden bed is already showing weak spots and will likely need to be replaced by the end of the growing season and I really don't enjoy building.  This way I get the openings in the blocks to plant annuals to draw the bees, some will have some carrots because I can, some I'm considering planting some herbs. The tomatoes are getting a new home this year, the side of the house.  Both sides have a path around but we don't use the one on the west side, there is a step down from the drive to get there so it's not convenient but it does have plenty of sun so that will be the tomato garden, works out that I should have space for more than triple what I had last year. It would be amazing to not have to buy tomatoes this year. I'm still debating on another bed, I know I need one but I also know I have plenty else to do in the yard so if I get it set it may be too late in the season to grow much of anything this  year.  We shall see, I'm off to the nursery today to see about more dirt for the new bed and whatever else is bright and shiny that I don't need.

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