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Friday, November 07, 2014

November WIPocolypse

Wow, its already November?   It seems like just yesterday I was home for my nephew's graduation in June and now the holidays are just around the corner.   Yet another year and not nearly enough stitches put into my projects but it has been a busy year.   Now I'm supposed to be posting my Wipocolypse update... yeaahhh

Look at that amazing progress, its collected a dust bunny and the power cords have multiplied.  Poor Twister, being neglected yet again.  With all the other things going on there hasn't been time to sit long enough to justify digging out all the threads, the chart and mounting the canvas in the stand.  I hope that will change now that the weather is cool and the gardening season over but I'm sure I'll find a way to throw a wrench in that plan.


I did manage to put a few stitches into the tiger canvas for my Lee purse, though it doesn't really look like it.  Basket-weave is one of the slowest moving stitches for me, also the most boring when you consider all the fabulous stitches you can do on canvas.

And finally another Sheep Virtue design started.  This is Patience is number 7 in the series so I've passed the half way point, that should ensure something comes up that keeps me from stitching.   I'd be more excited about this but I just realized I also have to finish each design into the little pillows which is a whole different battle to fight, there is a pile of finishing lurking in my sewing table that I need to start working on before I'm too blind to see what I'm doing.  Ahh the never ending battle and time to get my needle moving.

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