Northwest Red Head: How is this pantry not full?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How is this pantry not full?

I'm really astounded I haven't managed to fill my pantry for the season, certainly not due to lack of trying. Its as if the cabinet is eating the jars.

I've canned every weekend for the past several weeks, I'm not sure how I haven't manged to fill this pantry... but it does look pretty.  I did get a full appreciation for the fact that whoever built the cabinet didn't intend for it to really be used, hence the jars all in the boxes to avoid things being lost. I can store 7 pints deep and 11 across and double stacked so I can pack a lot in but it might end up eaten by the depths of the pantry. My garden, is no where near any sense of order.  In fact, chaos would be kind


I mean, what happened??  I bought Roma starts, which seemed simple enough,  got cages to hold them up when they started getting heavy with tomatoes and it all went downhill from there.  Seems I overlooked the part of the label that stated these were indeterminate tomatoes.  They grew and grew, I pulled off 30lbs of tomatoes and they grew more and set more fruit.  As full of tomatoes as they are and with the cooling of weather, I found new flowers this weekend.  Chopped those right off so it would put its energy into ripening the fruit that was there instead of new stuff.  The sticks, well, yeah.  The cages gave up before I was able to pull the first harvest off these plants and by that point it was too late to change to something else, I'm currently plotting out how to do something more effective for next year because this, is ridiculous.


And the herbs are ready for winter.  Picked up a few starts, a few others starting from seed.  Once it cools I have a partially enclosed patio they can hang out on and hopefully not die over winter. Whats your favorite thing to can?  I'm considering trying soup but really need to finish my tomatoes first.

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