Northwest Red Head: Tomato season

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tomato season

I love tomatoes sometimes, like when I don't recognize them as tomatoes.  My mom and dad used to eat slices of tomato with salt which I could never stand but a nice red sauce... yum.

I started this round with roughly 40 pounds of roma with some misc uglies I picked up cheap at a farm market.  I like ugly food, no one else seems to want it so I get great deals! yay

Next round will be sauce but these were stewed and canned in quarts. Nice yellow tomato hanging out in the pot from the box of uglies that went into this batch and into the canner they went.  The best part? After I was done stewing the tomatoes the skins were processed to get even more out of these tomatoes.

A bit of water added to avoid scorching[/caption] Cooked these until they started to render and allowed them to cool, then used an immersion blender and blended up all those skins to make something better...

Nice rich sauce, it does have a bit of grit from the skins being pulverized with the blender but that was easy enough to take care of. More important was 5 pints of sauce when I otherwise would have tossed the skins.

I tossed about 2 cups of this stringy looking left over which did not look like something I wanted to eat which after 40 pounds of tomatoes is pretty impressive for the amount of waste. More detail on the 'free' sauce can be found on Northwest Edible Life Considering the increase in fruits and veg in the house and the inevitable scraps I'm working on a worm bin which if it works will give me a perfect place to turn all these scraps into something good for the gardens - I don't have a good space for a proper compost pile and this will allow me to work on a better scale for just 2 of us. Thanks for reading!

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