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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Procrastination at its Best

I started this piece in 2006 if I'm remembering correctly, I quit looking back through the archives and I never adopted my mom's habit of dating charts when I started them as with my average speed of completion it was a bit depressing, haha  This is the current state of Halloween Fairy, otherwise known as "why isn't this done yet"


I am not a fan of back stitching in general and the style of Mirabilia back stitching makes it feel even more tedious as its top stitch instead of an outline that I've done in other designs.  Its back out of the cabinet in hopes I can finally find the motivation to get this one finished. I've also finished sorting through all my stash and the newly acquired stash that followed me home from mom's house.  I think my husband was genuinely horrified when I came home from my aunt's memorial services with 3 more suitcases than I had left with that contained a lot of stash.  What he didn't fully appreciate was how much I passed up, until we went back in June for my nephew's graduation.
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