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Monday, August 11, 2014

Creaming Fresh Corn

Growing up, I remember waiting all summer for fresh sweet corn.  Watermelon, strawberries, fresh picked beans, these were all appetizers to eat while waiting for sweet corn. What I failed to realize at the time was it also meant it was nearly time to go back to school, I suppose that was a good thing at the time. Now corn season means making creamed corn.  The stuff in the can is not appetizing for me, its sticky and doesn't really taste like corn  - for that matter I'm not even sure whats in the can anymore, yuck!  Fresh creamed corn however, is amazing.

We started with 42 ears, I can never remember how much I got the year before and that was the point I felt I might not be able to carry the bag back to the car.  39 ears went into jars, 2 I found worms *sigh* and one I might have had to eat for... umm... quality control, that's it.  Hey, its my story and I'm sticking to it.

Here's the 'high tech' set up for this project. 9x13, my corn creamer, and jars.  Yes I'm using glass to freeze.  I'm not a fan of plastic and as long as I leave room for expansion and don't tighten the lids full it has worked without issue for a few years now. So you blanch the corn until the kernels are soft when you poke them, then remove them to an ice water bath to stop the cooking.   I prefer to work with a boiling pot and rotate the corn through since obviously 40 ears won't fit in the pot at once, use tongs to move the ears and keep the water hot, add the new ears.  Saves a lot of time trying to heat a fresh pot of water each time and with it being summer I don't want the stove on any more than is really necessary.

Once the ears have cooled in the ice bath run the ears over the creamer and the dish catches all the yummy creamed corn.  That's it, really. Ok, you could add a bit of salt to taste if you like, I usually add it when I'm putting it in a pan to heat up.  

After its creamed its ladled into jars and frozen, I've tried canning it and didn't care for it,  the taste of cooked corn is not quite the same.  Here its hanging out in the freezer with some strawberry puree and bone broth. And this was just my Saturday, Sunday was the tomatoes turn.  How sick is it that I'm pleased to see Monday so I can sit down at work and 'relax'?

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