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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love Strawberry Season

Not going to lie, I'm a strawberry snob. I really have to be craving berries to buy them at the grocery, even the organic berries.  They don't have the same taste, probably due to something done to them to keep them fresh that I don't want to think about.  I got these lovely Hood Strawberries from one a road side stand near home and I got to spend what seemed like hours... or perhaps it was hours since there were 2 flats.  They're all cleaned, prepped and in the freezer so I have fresh strawberries for months to come, or a few days if I decide to eat them for 3 meals a day ha! 


In an attempt to be good dinner was prepared on Sunday, Chicken and Rice One Pot Dinner from Big Red Kitchen.  This made what looked like a huge portion of food considering there are only 2 of us so I went with half of a small chicken and kept the rice as called for just in case - when we go hiking on Sunday we seem to eat everything in sight so best to make it something good.


Mine is no where as pretty, but it was delicious and wow did I overkill on the rice but that isn't a bad thing since it distracts from the creepy appearance of the underside of the chicken breast swimming in the rice here... you looked now that I said it didn't you?  I'm also quite sure the recipe calls for dicing the onion but I'm still holding a tentative friendship with onions so I did not want any surprises in my rice. There should be bread here but we won't talk about that.  I am seriously messing up some part of this sour dough recipe and its making me crazy!! I've baked some amazing breads with packets of yeast, this should not be that much more difficult.  I'm on the hunt for more  recipes to see if I can get one to work, once I get a better idea of the dough consistency, etc it should be easier to get the recipe I've been fighting with to work correctly. And now I think I'll go have some of those strawberries, preferable with some whipped cream.  There would be short-cake, but there isn't... lets not talk about that for now.  

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