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Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm going where?

It's a really bizarre feeling when you're excited and sad all at the same time. For several months now we've been working on things between several offices over conference call and email and we haven't made the progress that we hoped for, an in person meeting was planned to help resolve the major points so we could move forward.  Someone from each site in one location to spend a few days discussing the how and the why try to come to a compromise.  I was selected and I fly out Monday with my boss to the south, because nothing could go wrong here. I live in the pacific northwest, it rains 9 months of the year and we complain about the heat when it hits 85.  I'm going to Texas, at the end of June, when the weather will be pushing triple digits with a nice side of humidity. If nothing else my hair should prove to be entertaining.

I'm excited, this is a great opportunity at work and I'm excited that I was picked out of several options but I'm also sad to leave home for the week.  Since I've moved to Oregon with my husband this will be the second time I've been away from home and for someone who spends nearly all my time when I'm not at work with my husband, this will be a bit odd.  Its also the only time I've been away from home essentially on my own, I never had need to go anywhere alone.


A rare photo of the 2 of us, this was our first year together at a park in Michigan. Please no judging the footwear, they make my feet hurt looking at them and I'm not sure what I was thinking.  One of us typically hold the camera so there aren't many together shots that aren't either blurry or featuring me looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket, oh yay humidity in Texas!


And the 3 furballs that live here and allow us to sleep in their bed, Lizzie really has a look that says if she could talk she'd ask why she had to put up with all this nonsense when she was comfortably napping a few minutes ago.  Alas, once its done it will be done, but really, did it have to be Texas?

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