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Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Gardening

My poor yard, if it could talk I'm sure it would say horrible things to me.  We bought our home in 2011 and the yard was in bad shape, I've been awful about doing anything with it despite my desire to have a garden.  In my defense I've had a few challenges with the yard that I'm having to learn to deal with, not the least of which was a nice bed of clay so I need to amend the soil or raise all the beds but that little bed you see in the distance was as far as I got.  Don't let the grass fool you, its spring in the Northwest so everything is green, ha!

You can see my first, half hearted attempt at a bed along the fence. It worked well enough but it was expensive for one 4' x 4' planting bed so I've been looking around for other options that would be more cost effective.  I wanted at least one more bed in that corner and another on the back of the house and I am not very skilled with a power saw.   Enter Pinterest, where I found an idea that had potential to work.

Here is the finished bed out of cinder blocks for a total of $12.00, far better than the $60.00 spent on the wooden bed. The blocks don't look amazing but they work, gardening isn't about looking pretty for me its about low maintenance.

The openings in the bricks had the added bonus of being a perfect place to add some annuals to help draw the bees .  Now to get the grass mowed for some mulch and we'll be set.

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