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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another week, another garden bed

My gardening until this year has been rather timid.  The different climate was oddly intimidating to me after we moved to Oregon and I watched plant after plant dry up and die despite my best attempts on our apartment balcony.  Last year there was a bit of a "test" run, I had one 4x4 bed with a variety of things. As my luck would have it, work sent me to Texas at the end of June so I wasn't there when the garden really started going, when I got home the tomatoes had exploded and crowed out nearly everything else in the garden.   The strawberries went into hiding, the lettuce was well shielded from the sun and the beans never had a chance.  After the great tomato nightmare I swore I'd never grow tomatoes again, then I tried the stewed tomatoes I'd canned and that went out the window, that meant more beds.  Last week I put in another 4x4 and this week a long bed suitable for something that will try to smother the rest of the garden like tomatoes

These bricks are not the prettiest of things but they seem to work and again, cheap and easy.

Here is this bed complete, since I was along the foundation I had to grade it carefully to ensure the water doesn't roll toward the foundation, I'm also considering a bit of a well around the vent just in case, to help keep water and debris being added to all the debris that seems to get stuck in the spider webs *shudder*

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