Well this month has gone completely sideways

I had the best intentions of doing a lot of stitching and really getting somewhere with my WIP's and all the new stuff I've started, blah blah, well that isn't working out so well thus far.  Tomorrow is the last day of the CJC and I haven't touched 6 things on my list, I guess at this point I can just work to finish them before the year is over and there is plenty of time for that.  What started as 1 sick dog, soon spread to 2 and now 3, I'm not feeling so hot either so we're hoping whatever is going around finds its way out of here soon because I'm over it and would love to get back to "normal" such as it is around here.

For stitching, I managed a bit of progress on my October box. With feeling so blah and the dogs keeping me on my toes I didn't have the energy to start something new. A few more rows of the tree in and that is about all I've managed.