Crazy January.. no idea what day this is

I've lost track, it seems but I got my next start done. The October Box by Cherished Stitches is going, and now I understand what seemed like very wrong counts and measurements for fabric.  Bits of this are 2 over 2 but most of what I have to stitch here is 1 over 1... in weeks mascara... on dark fabric... how do I keep doing this to myself anyway? haha I've had quite enough fun with over 1 stitching that I used to take more care to avoid buying anything that was stitched that way, at any rate here is my start, a tree with a crow perched on top. There will be a second and a few kitties for this side of the box.

Anyone know of a shop that sells bristol board? As is typical for me I thought of this after I started and realized my LNS doesn't list it as available and the Joanne's and Michaels here are rather sad.  I miss Hobby Lobby... just not enough for make a 6 hour drive across the state

Now off to watch the mass panic in the city.  We don't typically see snow in the valley here, winter here is usually many months of rain with snow in the mountains but seems the weather wanted to throw us a curve ball today.  Lots of heavy fog, and icy roads in a state that doesn't use road salt means I turn on the news and instead of news I get to watch report after report of accidents and closed roads.

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  1. Nice start on October box, I hope Lizzie is feeling better

  2. Great TUSAL looks like you've been busy.


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