TULSA and Fairy Progress

And what a week its been, sadly I again didn't get the position I was after so I'm thinking it may be time to part ways with my employer.  Nothing more frustrating than a company telling you how they want good people who are smart and can handle the challenges that get thrown at us on a daily basis but they amazingly manage to promote anything but, ahh the joys of politics when working for a big company.

And on to something completely different, my last photo of ORTs for the year.  I've actually been  piling them each month and not emptying the jar since I was only in this for a few months of the year, next year I will need to find something a bit easier to work with and not knock off the table

Halloween fairy, down to backstitch and beads for her. I got a start on the wings last night but I think she's going to sit tonight while I relax with my feet up for the evening.

Thank you for reading and welcome to my new followers!  This blog sat neglected for a while after all the moving started and its great to be back and be able to see all the new lovely things being created. There aren't many here that do needlework sadly so I take inspiration as I can get it :)


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't get the job. I know what you mean on promotions, I have the same thing where I work and it is really frustrating.
    Very nice progress on Halloween Fairy, looking forward to seeing the finish.

  2. I understand your frustrations at a job where you are totally unappreciated. I use to have one of those too. Thank you for following my blog, I like your too and your stitching beautiful.


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