Halfway through the weekend

Guess this would be more appropriate before Halloween but any progress is good.  Halloween fairy nearly has full wings and then all that is left is a bit of fill in and backstitch... when I have her complete I  may give in to temptation and start some new projects.

My Winter Queen, Noel and Twister are huge and i need my stand which does not work well in the room I typically stitch- in fact I may pull all but twister off the scrolls so I can more easily work in them.  Much of my lack if motivation for the past few years was the loss of my guild chapters and 2 stitching groups where i got the fun of interacting about stitching but i'm finding keeping up on the blog a nice replacement


  1. That is really handy. I have wanted a Horn sewing cabinet for years but they are too expensive I live in hope that one will come up for sale second hand.


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