Another Found WIP

So I was having a case of start-itis and decided to go dig through the stash with the goal of finding something that I have fabric to start so I can avoid a trip to the needlework store. While I love the shops new patterns always seem to follow me home - safer this way.   As I'm grabbing at designs with fabric in the stash boxes, oh to my surprise I find another WIP that I honestly don't recall starting. Thought for a moment, oh this must be something else of my mom's that ended up in my stuff...

Somehow looking at the start, thats not the case either.. unless my mother had a moment and was using her last initial which I highly doubt.  This was on the to do list anyway so it gives me something else to fuss with.  

I didn't get much else done.  I started going through my JCS ornament issue to pick an ornament so I can start my way through a few more of those so I can fill a tree.  Right now they're not on the tree, I have a set of Lenox carousel animals my aunt gave me when I got married that I love and the needlecrafts just overpower them and ruin my enjoyment of the tree.  Once I have a few more ornaments I'm going to look for a slim tree that I can put elsewhere in the house that can be all needlework ornaments. 


  1. I think a separate tree for stitched ornaments is a good idea as they can overpower. I like the branched wooden stands that you see on some blogs.


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