Check it out...

Now if you actually read all my ramblings you'll know that just before Christmas Indiana herniated a disc in his back. We followed the crate rest much to his dismay and he started acting up in the crate which ended up doing more harm than good. When he saw the vet for a followup he was no longer using his back legs and had no feeling in his back legs, one vet actually took forceps to check for "deep pain sensation" and pinched his paw as hard as he could and nothing. Of course the immediate answer from the vet was surgery...umm no. Several thousands of dollars and the odds I as given were 60% success. I'd been reading about his condition online (big shocker there right?) and had learned a lot in-between his diagnosis and this proclamation of him needing surgery so I told the vet I wanted to continue him on the meds for another week. Vet basically said no, that he should see a neurologist, ugh!

So we go see some other vet in town, same story... surgery. If I don't do surgery I should put him down because he will never walk again (she was pretty certain of this fact).  He's lost use of his back legs he's not rabid! I explain to this vet what I've learned online and that I want to continue his meds and she was not impressed. I'm quite certain she gave them to me to get me to leave since nothing was likely to make it worse. So he had a second week of steroid treatment and this time I had a sedative to keep him calm in his crate. I figure at the worst, if he didn't get his movement back we would get him a cart and he'd be able to move around fine. Well... its not been 7 weeks and here is Indiana who would never walk again *cough*