Progress updates

Here's my progress from yesterday on Halloween Fairy. Got more done on her skirt and then decided to do the Halloween bag so I could stitch in something besides a shade of brown. I hope to get the rest of the skirt in today and the rest of her torso so I can get going on her other wing but that will depend on what kind of day it turns out to be. I won't have much time this evening for stitching so that might have to wait until Thursday if I actually sit and stitch.

Thursdays have traditionally been a night to go to sit and stitch but every other one is at JT Stitchery in Rockford which was a good long drive from where I lived before, its even LONGER from where I live now. By the time I get home, get the pups fed and out for a bit its just not worth the drive. Add to that the weather is now warm so our other "season" in Michigan, construction season, has started and I'd be lucky to get there before everyone is ready to leave so those Thursdays are now mine to be home with the pups and do... pretty much whatever.

Linen band sampler that I forgot to upload yesterday is coming along as well. The cross stitch band is finished as you can see and I got two more bands in, finally able to do something besides a shade of beige on this one :) I must have 10 different balls of perle cotton in this bag but it seems like I keep having to pull the same 4 which was getting a bit dull. I did notice Emie Bishop likes to stick to a group of colors for many of her designs. This one uses the same colors that were in The Garden with a lot of additional colors to compliment them. The bands are moving along pretty quickly though, which should be how it goes until I get to the large hardanger section at the bottom. I haven't quite worked out how I'm going to do that as its not that easy to do hardanger on this small scroll frame but the banding is too small to fit into a hoop.


  1. Your making great progress on both pieces! I love Halloween fairy's bag!

  2. Your linen band sampler is coming along great. Halloween Fairy is looking lovely too, her wings are so pretty.

  3. Great work on both! I agree that you would need a break from that brown for a little bit, at least. :) I'm loving the band sampler!


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