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Ok, here is my progress from the weekend on Halloween Fairy. I have contacted Mirabilia who then directed me to the distributor of these kits, apparently she has no rights on the kits since they were exclusive for Hoffman so hopefully they can help me out with my thread shortage. Until I get that all figured out she's taking a bit of a vacation ;) so I can take care of my start-itis as you will see in the next photo :)

Blackwork Fantasy Garden. These are the recommended colors and I'm working on the recommended white linen, how unadventurous of me. I actually really like how the colors all go together and since the threads called for were $1 per skein it was worth it to me. As you can see I've been outlining and then going back and filling it, it makes for incredibly fast and easy stitching once those outlines are in place, no chart needed as the color of the outline dictates what colors its filled in with.  I hope to get a start on a bit of the blackwork today as well if I am happy with the amount of the knotwork I get done.


  1. What a bother for being short on the thread for Halloween Fairy. Love your Blackwork Fantasy Garden. I have this in my stash and I am looking forward to stitching it.


  2. I've heard a lot of people having floss issues with the Mira kits. I hope Hoffmans will help you out.

    I just bought Blackwork Fantasy Garden... sometime I'll find the time to stitch it!

    Thanks for your vibes on my blog!

  3. I always run into a shortage when I stitch kits. That is why I don't buy kits often anymore. She looks beautiful!

  4. BFG is gorgeous - it's on my 'one day' list :) I've seen it stitched in real life and it's gorgeous!

    I don't buy kits any more - just because of what you 've experienced!

    Any excuse for a new start eh?

  5. I've never had problems with running out of threads in kits until my latest from Hillside Samplings. I was lucky that she answered my email right away and sent the missing threads the next week.

    That said, I also bought the Halloween Fairy kit. I guess this is a good heads up about the predictable shortages. Since I have been heavily substituting threads in most of my patterns and even some of my kits, I will strongly consider substitutions for this kit.

  6. Hopefully Hoffman can help you out. she's coming along nicely too. Looking forward to seeing more on your celtic one too. :o)

  7. Great start on Fantasy Garden! That is annoying about the threads for the mira

  8. Hope Hoffman can help you with the threads for the Halloween Fairy.
    Both WIPs are looking great!


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