Halloween Fairy

Here is the Halloween Fairy update that should have been posted on Friday, better late than never I guess She's finally got some hair and I've made a bit more progress on the wing.

My "secret" project had some good progress this weekend. I'm moving along fast enough that with any luck I'll have it done in a day or two here so I can get it in the mail and post photos. Halloween Fairy is coming along with me today, however, since and the things I need for my other project are a bit much to drag along to work to stitch on during my break so that will leave my evenings to get most of the stitching done.
Hope you all had a nice weekend and again thanks for visiting and commenting on my projects

On a fun note I've just realized that Saturday was my 2 year anniversary blogging  Doesn't seem like that long at all but it is fabulous to look back at all I've accomplished in those 2 years. Thank you again to everyone who visits and comments. It makes keeping this blog up worth while.


  1. She's looking great. :o) You have me really curious as to what your secret project is....

  2. Halloween Fairy is looking lovely!

  3. Great progress! And "Happy Anniversary"! LOL

  4. You've made some nice progress on her. Happy Blogversary, it is fun to look back on what all you've posted. It makes a great work journal. Sometimes when I don't think I'm getting anything accomplished I look through my entries and I can see where I really have made some progress.

  5. Happy Blogversary :) Your fairy is coming along nicely :)

  6. Love this! I had such a great time stitching this one. Yours looks awesome. Ann.

  7. Happy belated blogversary - 2 years woohoo :) Valentine Fairy is coming along beautifully :D


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