Monrovia Update

As you can see, coming along much faster than Poirot did. There are 2 tie down stitches to do in the 2 diagonal "blocks" and then the center motif and its done! Hopefully I will not run out of thread. I was reading over in the Yahoo group for people stitching these and at least one person has run out, I tend to pull tight when I'm stitching which should amount to slightly less thread used but we'll see when its all done if I make it. I hate to buy a whole additional card of the Grandeur if I run out, it would seem more practical to see if there is another thread in the pile that will make an acceptable substitute since there are 2 other similar colored threads. So far it looks like I'll be ok though so I'll worry about what I'm going to do when I get there. I worked on this at Sit and Stitch last night (I'm being a rebel and not doing the group project with everyone) and then decided to work a bit more on it when I got home since I was making so much progress so I got to try out my Elan lap stand and I LOVE it! I had tried putting this in the Gazelle and its just too small and akward with such a small frame but the small lap stand was perfect.


  1. Monrovia's looking gorgeous, great progress

  2. Colleen8:56 AM

    Kali--I'm working on Monrovia also; I really like this ornament series. But your needle magnet is what caught my eye--where did you get it?

  3. Monrovia is coming along well :) Can you tell me what size it is? Fromt he pictures I can't tell if it's dinner plate sized, or saucer sized LOL :)

    It's very pretty - I hope you don't run out of thread :)


  4. Monrovia is looking just awesome.

  5. Wow! What a cool piece. When I first looked at it it almost looked like it was moving. I have never seen cross stitch with movement to it, very cool. Ann.


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