Well I had *intended* to spend some time this weekend working on some finishing. I did work some time on Sunday but after an hour I realized I had misread the directions and I had to rip it all out so I put it away, obviously Sunday just wasn't my day for finishing. I then opted to pick up Baroque and try to make some progress. I managed to get the outer border complete and I now just have the lower right square motif and the lower "v" to fill in with some straight stitches and this will be done. Now that I've said that something I've missed somewhere else in the piece will jump out but so far I haven't seen anything. If you notice something while you're here please leave me a comment so I can be sure to catch it.
Happy Stitching!


  1. I wouldn't be too keen on having pictures of my work posted with that much detail. Hopefully she got permission from the stitcher first???!!!

    Baroque looks gorgeous!

  2. I agree - I'm not sure I would like my designs posted with huge, detailed pictures. I'm sure most stitchers are really very aware of the issues of copyright and such these days. However, I'm not sure what to do about it - say nothing and contribute to the problem, or speak out and potentially lose a friend? It's a difficult one!

    On a good note - Baroque is most deinfintely coming along nicely - it's a goregous design!

  3. I wouldn't want my work pictured unless I was asked.
    Baroque looks stunning.

  4. Your Baroque piece looks fantastic. I love the colors! How disheartening to have to rip out what you'd done on your piece you were finishing though. Hope you get it all straightened out!


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