Tuesday update

Just wanted to first say thank you for all your comments on Poirot, I've finally gotten all the jessica stitches in that I was not having so much fun with so hopefully I'll now have a bit more regular progress to share. I don't mind the stitch, but doing a dozen of them in a row got a bit dull especially considering I kept confusing what thread I was supposed to be working with, oops :) My goal is to have this done before the end of the month so I can get on to Monrovia, that one looks extremely fun and I like the fibers for it a lot better so hopefully that will encourage continued progress on it.
I'm also continuing to do well with my 50 finishes before I buy new stash, my Jim Wurth dodecagons and the 2 magazines I get being my exceptions. I have made one chart purchase, we took a day and drove to Stitching Bits and Bobs and after making the drive with mom it seemed only fair that I should be allowed one chart so I picked up My Little Strawberries Basket by Milady's Needle which I oddly can't find an image of on their website. Drawn Thread however, has decided to be mean and release Toccata 3 which I absolutely love so hopefully it will still be in print when I am finished with this challenge as it will be one of the first on my list of purchases... who's idea was it to do 50 anyway?? Oh yeah, that was all me ;)


  1. Still looks wonderful :)

  2. I find that I am struggling on this 50 project challenge/stash diet, as well. It is slowing me down in my stash acquisitions, though. Perhaps this wasn't the best time to open an ONS. LOL


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