Poirot Update

Its amazing how much stitching I can get done when I actually sit down and stitch! *gasp* Here is my progress from the weekend which I didn't spend a lot of time stitching (I was fighting with my dead computer) but I did get some work done as you can see here. The computer was a nightmare. I am on Jay's Sony Viao. It wasn't powerful enough to run some of the new games he wanted to try out so we got him a new one and I took his since it was twice as fast as mine. Well when something dies on a Sony replacement parts just aren't available... in fact if you talk to their tech support they don't seem to know anything about their products either other than to give you the phone number for Sony Repair which I could have sent it out and in 2-3 weeks they'd have fixed for close to the same price as a new computer from what I hear from others who've done it. I decided instead to find a standard case the parts would fit in so for the bargin price of a new case w/ power supply I'm back up and running.
I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of Monrovia, the newest Jim Wurth dodecagon so I'll try to remember that for my next post


  1. That looks really great! Ive been following your progess as i think poirot is stunning.

  2. Your project looks great. I'm amazed too at how much I get done when I *actually* sit down and stitch!

  3. Your piece is looking amazing!!!


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