Is it Friday Yet?

Here is my latest progress photo on baroque and finally a bit of progress on Poirot. As I said in my last post, not alot of time has been spent stitching due to the dogs and all that's been happening with the holidays.

Most of the work here is on the right side in this photo, there are only a few small things to do and the right half of the canvas will be complete, Yay! :)

Then if I wasnt' busy enough I have a friend who's expecting that I desperately want to make something for so I have to get myself out this weekend and pick up supplies for that!
This one has been going slow mostly do to me not sitting down and working on it. I usually work on these during my lunch at work and I keep spending my lunch time surfing around for others with dogs like Lizzie to get some advice to help her adjust. I have to get going on this though, the next one should be shipping within the week!


  1. Baroque is just stunning.

  2. The progress on Barogue is looking awesome! Can not wait to see more of the new piece you are working on!!

  3. Hi! I found a link to your blog on stitching bloggers. Im the newest member! Just thought i'd leave a comment about your baroque piece - its so lovely. Im new to blogging and relatively new to stitching but loving both!


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