Finally a photo on this piece. As you can see I haven't been going my usual full speed with this one. I've been doing the mad dash to have everything ready for the holidays and I've been working away at Baroque.

Speaking of things to occupy my time. Indy has been a pill since I moved. Acting up, and just all around getting into trouble. At first I thought he wasn't getting enough attention but every time I'd take him back to my mom's he was fine when Missie was there. So after some discussion with Jay we picked up a new girl on Sunday. She's another rescue, this time from a puppy mill but she's doing well considering. Unfortunately for her she has an issue with her paw so she's here at work with me today so she can see the vet this afternoon, hopefully she won't be too mad at me for that one ;) You can see here on the other blog. Indy is doing a bit better now, he's more demanding when he wants attention but he will play and be a dog instead of his previous goal of destroying every toy in the house and trying to get into the trash can.


  1. Sounds like he was suffering from separation anxiety. A playmate should work well. :) She's very cute! Happy Holidays to you, Jay, Indy and the newest queen of the roost.

  2. Poirot looks great.


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