Amber Bracelet

I know, shocking that I was in the bead isle despite me having enough projects to last 2 lifetimes.  What can I say? Beads are shiny, I like shiny, I had to. I've  had this memory wire for a while and haven't done anything with it, I'm sure I had a plan when I bought it, but these beads called to me and told me they wanted to hang out with the memory wire.

How lazy am I that I love that it was a pre-made assortment so I didn't have to match the beads?  They always look better when I lay them out than the do once they're on the wire or on my wrist.  Note to self, do not buy more memory wire.  Cute bracelet but its not comfortable to wear.  Now, its entirely possible that I'm a sissy and the bracelet fits perfectly but when you sit on a computer for much of you day it really doesn't help the wrists feel good.  Guess it will be saved for evenings out or weekends when it won't matter.