Project Packs

These are great for toting around projects so your threads don't get tangled and your pattern pages lost. They have 2 "envelopes" The small one holds threads, scissors and beads; the large one holds the small one plus everything else. You can even make coordinating scissor cases if you're so inclined. This way when you are heading out and need a project to work on you can grab one and everything you need is right there.


  1. Hi - Welcome to the Stitching Bloggers Webring - nice to meet you! I wanted to let you know you have some really lovely projects going! Also, I recently started running a Yahoo group called fiberswappers... if you are interested we trade fibers - you know, when you just need a partial skein of something pricey - maybe someone already has it and is willing to trade? If you want to join, let me know at You have a nice blog!


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